About Us

This is a platform where we can share knowledge among ourselves.
Below I will try to explore the reason why this?
As human mind is not unidirectional, we generally face many questions propping up, related to different fields. For example-
  • How languages evolve?
  • Where can I learn foreign languages?
  • How different voting rules affect outcome of election?
  • How does behavior of some specie in some particular condition more dominant than at other times?
  • How does computer work?
  • As a human civilization do we want to go for mechanization or humanization of the world?
  • What does education meant for?
And this list will go long and longer and is all dependent on one’s curious mind and eagerness to learn.
To find a place where these questions have place and we have reason to hunt them on.
Also, many of us come here from varied background and sometimes have faced problems in understanding a subject just out of fear. In other words the fear of learning a subject eventually culminates into not learning it.
The platform is supposed to bridge these gaps and help you looking into unexplored areas. Keeping these goals in mind we expect that JNU Forum for Mutual Learning will help us start the process of learning and help us transcend our disciplinary boundaries.

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